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Banff Wedding Photographer | Lake Agnes Hiking Wedding

A beautiful Rocky Mountain day, bubbles, barefoot alpine lakeshore dancing, getting changed in a makeshift woodland changeroom, a (really) great Scotch, cheeky chipmunks, and oh so much laughter tell the awesome and adventurous tale of Megan and Ivan’s Lake Agnes wedding.

We were super, super stoked when Megan and Ivan contacted us about a hiking wedding to Lake Agnes. Sometimes called the Lake in the Clouds, Lake Agnes is 3.5km from the famous Lake Louise, here in Alberta, Canada. It’s 2,135m (7,005ft) above sea level, so the nickname is pretty fitting. There are only two ways in: you can hike from the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louse. Or you can hop on a horse!

But there were no horses here. Whereas Angela and Andrew had their wedding ceremony in the valley, then hiked up to Ha Ling for their wedding photos, and Tim and Grace had their wedding ceremony along the way to, and at the foot of, the Old Goat Glacier in Kananaskis with just the two of them (and Barbara and Raf), Megan and Ivan were joined by their immediate family, Megan’s dearest friend, Barbara (Marriage Celebrant of Threshold Ceremonies), and Raf for the hike up to this stunning little alpine lake nestled amongst the giant peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

Ah hiking weddings. Did we mention we love hiking weddings?

The Lake Agnes hike is so fun, easy and accessible that it makes a great choice for a hiking wedding. You start at the shores of one of Banff National Park’s most loved alpine lakes at Lake Louise, and end at the iconic Lake Agnes teahouse.

Yes, you read that right! A teahouse up a mountain!! The Alberta Rocky Mountain tradition of having tea on a mountain top began at Lake Agnes in 1901 when a hut was built on the lakeshore as a refuge for hikers.

This was our final hiking wedding of the summer and, once again, we had the pleasure of working with Barbara Parker of Threshold Ceremonies. Barbara is truly wonderful, and game for any kind of hiking wedding. If you’re thinking hiking wedding, be sure to connect with Barbara!

Raf had the absolute best connection with Megan and Ivan. (Something perhaps to do with a shared love of adventure, mountains and Scotch! Tee hee!) And he had the absolute best time at their Lake Agnes wedding.

I loved when Raf came home, all stoked from the day’s adventures, sharing all the elements of the day with me. I saw the light in his eyes, the big, big happy grin, and his excitement for such an awesome and adventurous celebration with one truly radtastic couple. YAY!

Here’s Megan and Ivan’s Lake Agnes wedding. Enjoy! x

Arriving at Lake Agnes by one-edition.ca Groom smiling by one-edition.ca Bride smiling by one-edition.ca Makeshift changing room by one-edition.caGroom's suit by one-edition.caBrides shoes by one-edition.caBride getting ready by one-edition.caGroom watching processional by one-edition.ca Barefoot processional by one-edition.ca Processional by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes ceremony by one-edition.ca Flowergirl by one-edition.ca Hand tying ceremony by one-edition.ca Hand tying by one-edition.caBride crying during hand tying by one-edition.caGroom smiling by one-edition.caFamily watching a wedding by one-edition.ca Bride's vows at Lake Agnes by one-edition.ca Groom crying by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding ceremony by one-edition.caFirst kiss at a Lake Agnes wedding by one-edition.ca Wedding bubbles by one-edition.ca Bride and groom laughing by one-edition.caBridal party laughing by one-edition.caFamily wedding by one-edition.ca Flower girl hiding by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes, flowers and scotch by one-edition.ca Wedding whisky toast by one-edition.ca Whisky wedding ceremony by one-edition.ca Parents at hand tying by one-edition.cabride and groom toasting by one-edition.caCheeky chipmunk by one-edition.ca Toasting after a wedding ceremony by one-edition.ca Maid of honour by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding family photo by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding bridal party by one-edition.caby-one-edition-photography Fun family photos by one-edition.ca Fun bridal party by one-edition.ca Barefoot dancing at Lake Agnes by one-edition.caLake Agnes wedding by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding view by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding photo by one-edition.ca Bride and groom at their Lake Agnes wedding by one-edition.ca Groom at Lake Agnes by one-edition.ca Bride at Lake Agnes by one-edition.ca Bride holding flowers by one-edition.ca Bride and groom kissing at Lake Agnes by one-edition.ca Bride smiling at Lake Agnes by one-edition.caBride and groom embracing by one-edition.ca Lakeside wedding photo by one-edition.ca Fun wedding photo by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding photos by one-edition.caBride and groom at Lake Agnes wedding by one-edition.ca Fun lakeside wedding photo by one-edition.ca Unusual wedding shoes by one-edition.ca Wedding flowers by one-edition.ca Oban Scotch whisky by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding photo by one-edition.ca Lake Agnes wedding mountains by one-edition.caIf you’ve this Lake Agnes wedding as much as we do, and you’re planning your own wedding or elopement in the Canadian Rockies, get in touch! Click here to email us now.

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