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Canmore Wedding Photographer | Dani & Andrew’s Canmore Engagement

Happy to share with you a selection of fun photos from this early Fall Canmore engagement session.

We first met Dani & Andrew at the Calgary Wedding Fair in January 2014, and we were very excited for their Canmore Celebrate Love –  Engagement session, especially as Dani was bursting with fun ideas and so excited to bring in meaningful details to their engagement photos. Everything from their red VW golf, to their shared love of coffee, and some good ole fun with Andrew’s lastname, “West” – with Dani hitchhiking ‘West’ and their customized coffee cups reading ‘Future Mrs. West’ and ‘Already Mr. West’ . We always LOVE when a session is filled with so much energy, fun, and personalized details. YAY!

And as a super bonus, when Raf, Dani, and Andrew were down near the Canmore railroad tracks, the train conductor and engineers invited them aboard the train. They also gave permission to be on the tracks, playfully ‘running’ from the train – note that the train was standing still and Dani & Andrew are just amazing at conveying a high speed action frame 😉

For interest and safety sake, I’m going to pull out a #nenshinoun (a local reference to the amazing Calgary mayor and his safety warnings) warning here and state emphatically that trains are dangerous and may lead to trespassing fines, so always ensure you have permission to be on the tracks here. Phew! My safety good deed is done 😉

We were already booked for their wedding date next year -were happy at least to have the chance for Raf to create these fun playful images for their engagement!  We know these two will have one awesome celebration for sure – YAY! Congratulations Dani & Andrew!

Enjoy x
Canmore Engagement Photography Session Canmore_Engagement_Photography_002 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_003 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_004 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_005 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_006 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_007 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_008 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_009 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_010 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_011 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_012 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_013 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_014 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_015 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_016 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_017 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_018 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_019 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_020 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_021 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_022 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_023 Canmore_Engagement_Photography_024

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