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Moraine Lake Elopement | Amy & James’ Destination Wedding in the Rockies!

Amy and James came from the UK to fulfill their dream of a Moraine Lake Elopement celebration.

It wasn’t a top secret elopement, with friends and family sending them off with best wishes and wedding celebrations pre-trip.  On some level though, perhaps some didn’t fully understand what it means to be married at ‘a lake’ in the Rockies, perhaps questioning the need to go so far a distance to get married by a lake hehe.  As Amy wrote to us afterwards, “We had a look through the photos last night, we love them! My family and friends love the photos too, thank you so much :) I think a few people didn’t quite understand ‘getting married by a lake’ but now they’ve seen the photos, they know how ‘us’ the wedding really was!” LOVE!

The weather in the Rockies can be fast and changing, but Amy and James rolled with it fabulously well. It was sprinklying when we met them at Moraine Lake Lodge, joining up with marriage commissioner Rick Kunelius as well. As we made our way to the top of the Rock Pile, the dark clouds rolled in but miraculously, the torrential downpour held off until after the ceremony.

No matter. With umbrellas in hand, an amazing sense of adventurous spirit, and owing as well to their British resiliency/comfort with rain, these two made the best of it with laugher and lightness as they took photos together with Raf at the top of the Rock Pile in the pouring rain and then as we made our way down to the lakeshore.  That said, it was a quick torrential pour (as they say, don’t like the weather in Alberta in Summer? just wait 5 minutes). By the time we reached the bottom of the path, the rain stopped and it was a beautiful evening to spend together at the lakeshore.

We LOVED meeting Amy & James, welcoming them to the Canadian Rockies, and connecting with them instantly! We are seriously SO LUCKY that through One Edition, we make fast, awesome friends with couples around the world.  Amy and James have a special place for us as well because it’s an incredible honour to serve as marriage witnesses for our couples, and to be chosen to be there with just them for such an important celebration of love, story, and life together.

With big hugs and well wishes for a gorgeous rest of the evening, we bid them adieu as they headed back to Moraine Lake Lodge for dinner.

We are excited to stay in touch and keep connected for visits either next time we find ourselves in the UK or their next Canadiana visit!

Oooh and YIPEEE! We’ve just learned that Amy & James’ elopement will be featured on the beautiful international blog dedicated to elopements, Simply Elope. – the Ultimate Elopement Blog. Stay tuned on February 03, 2015 for when Adrianne and the Simply Elope team share their fav images from Amy & James’s day.

Here, for you, is a selection of images from their day. Enjoy!

OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_001 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_002 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_003 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_004 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_005 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_006 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_007 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_008 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_009 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_010 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_011 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_012 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_013 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_014 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_015 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_016 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_017 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_018 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_019 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_020 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_021 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_022 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_023 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_024 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_025 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_026 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_027 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_028 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_029 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_030 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_031 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_032 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_033 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_034 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_035 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_036 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_037 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_038 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_039 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_040 OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_041OneEdition_MoraineLake_Elopement_042


Amy shared her experience of working with us via our One Edition Photography storefront
One Edition were friendly, personal and a joy to deal with right from the start. The photography session we had at our Moraine Lake wedding was so much fun, and the photos are just beautiful. I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family, my favourite being: ‘This has to be the most amazing wedding photo I have ever seen.’ Thank you for capturing our wonderful day!

Photography: One Edition Photography
Marriage Commissioner: Rick Kunelius
Hair & Make-up: Finding Forever After
Accommodations/Reception Dinner: Moraine Lake Lodge

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