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The Vintage Wedding Showcase

There is such an allure with all things “Vintage” – the romance, the stories, the ‘days gone by’ whistfulness and laments for a ‘different era’.  I love Vintage items and modern twists on the whole Vintage concept.  As an example, I’m curating quite the vintage and vintage-inspired mililnery collection, and opted to wear a true vintage head piece for our wedding.  Loved looking for it, seeking out speciality vintage shops, and then finally finding ‘the’ piece for me!

Raf and I both share a love history and curiosity to learn stories behind art, jewellery, architecture/buildings, clothing, adornments, and more.  One of our most shared cherished pieces is my grandfather’s Leica camera circa 1930’s!

And we come by our love for history, nostalgia, and throw-back vintageness honestly.

My grandfather was a jewellery exporter dating back to the 1920’s in Czech Republic, my grandmother a fashionista extraordinaire (even still today at her age of 106 years young!), and together, they were passionate patrons of the arts.  Every time we visit my grandma, we are surrounded by 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s vintage pieces, artworks, and scultpures that they managed to flee with when they escaped Czecho in 1949 (or have had returned to them post-occupation).

1905 Wedding Photo of Babi's parents

(1905 wedding photo of my maternal great grandparents)

Babi's wedding photo 1928

(1928 photo of my grandparents on their honeymoon)

Similarly, Raf’s family story and their ties to art, jewellery, and history inspire us and keep us captivated, especially when we travel to Europe to visit his family.  When in the ‘old country’, I regularly find myself standing in one place, closing my eyes, and imagining a different time period – the noises, the smells, the sights, the adornments, the clothing styles.   Which takes us to:

The Vintage Wedding Showcase: Everything Vintage, Bridal, & Fabulous!

One Edition | The Vintage Wedding Showcase

Thanks to a collective of crazy talented and vintage-loving wedding professionals called “A Spoonful of Vintage” based in Calgary, AB, we had an opportunity to step back into several different time periods and vintage eras during their first Vintage Wedding Show: “Everything Vintage, Bridal, & Fabulous” at Mount Pleasant Community Hall in Calgary.  The collective behind A Spoonful of Vintage is comprised of: Tara Whittaker Photography, Blush Vintage Rentals, Sarah Mayerson Design, Toe Tappin’ Swing Dance Lessons, and A Vintage Affair Fashion & Accessories. The event was presented in cooperation with Calgary Bride.

When we arrived, the showcase was so busy with all the many brides, their girlfriends, their moms, and even a few grooms-to-be joining in to seek out Vintage ideas and inspiration for upcoming celebrations. It was great and we send out a HUGE thank you to A Spoonful of Vintage for hosting such a fabulous event!

There are a great array of photos from the event by Tara Whittaker Photography, detailing all the well-thought out and delightfully fab Vintage ideas and inspirations so be sure to visit the official A Spoonful of Vintage website or on their Facebook Page “A Spoonful of Vintage”.

We took a few moments when all the brides and their guests were enthralled with the Fashion Show to zip around and capture a few images with our little point and shoot camera of 4 of the 6 tabletop decor challenge contenders:

1) “Mad Men” by Naturally Chic
A gorgeous Mad Men 1960’s inspired table was the first we saw and we just loved it!  All the details from the wooden menus to the table adornments to the cocktail bar to the chairs and hangover remedy kit – just a perfect fit for Don Draper and friends! Sharon teamed with Sarah Mayerson Design on the gorgeous florals for the table.   One Edition | Naturally ChicOne Edition | Naturally Chic Mad Men InspirationOne Edition | Naturally Chic Mad Men Inspiration
One Edition | Naturally Chic Mad Men InspirationOne Edition | Naturally Chic Mad Men InspirationHuge congratulations to Sharon for winning the tabletop theme decor challenge!

2) “The Great Gatsby” by Cherry Tree Occasions
Callandra created a most fabulous art-deco ode to the 1920’s with her take on The Great Gatsby.  Callandra teamed with Down the Well Designs, who created the gorgeous centre-piece arrangement of fabric flowers adorned with gems and feathers.  The seriously awesome menus and stationary were created with Pink Umbrella Designs and linens provided by Special Event Rentals – Banff to really complete Callandra’s brilliant stylings of this ‘Gatsby’ gorgeousness.

One Edition | Cherry Tree Occasions Great Gatsby

One Edition | Cherry Tree Occasions

One Edition | Cherry Tree OccasionsOne Edition | Cherry Tree Occasions

One Edition | Cherry Tree Occasions

3) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Creative Weddings & Occasions

Cathy’s table really channelled the sophisticated beauty and elegance of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – so fabulous!  I was also entirely captivated by the stunning centrepiece (I LOVE orchids!) that she had created in partnership with Amborella Floral Studio.

One Edition | Creative Weddings Planning & Decor

One Edition | Creative Weddings Planning & DecorOne Edition | Creative Weddings Planning & DecorOne Edition | Creative Weddings Planning & Decor

4) “The Wizard of Oz” by Reflections Event Productions
Last but assuredly not least, we visited Jasmine’s incredibly styled Wizard of Oz themed table.  The Emerald City was front and central with a stunning centrepiece created with Designing on the Edge. The table was completed with so many amazing details to tie the Wizard of Oz theme together – Dorothy’s dress, toto, ‘ruby red’ sparkly cake pops by Paisley Pastries, fab menus and stationary by the Social Page, and of course, even a yellow brick road handcrafted by Jasmine herself!
One Edition | Reflections Event ProductionsOne Edition | Reflections Event ProductionsOne Edition | Reflections Event Productions
One Edition | Reflections Event Productions
As a hilarious aside, at one point Jasmine and I broke into the song “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” in answer to Raf’s innocent question as to why there were yellow bricks on the table!  You see…Raf didn’t grow up in Canada nor was he exposed to much of the pop-culture we so take for granted….that said, I’m not sure our singing attempt made it any more clearer hahaha

The other two amazing tables were a gorgeous Casablanca inspired table by WE CONNECT and a delightfully Downtown Abbey-esque table by Always Alexandra’s Weddings & Events .  Again, A Spoonful of Vintage has a complete collection of images by Tara Whittaker Photography from all six fabulous tables on the blog, so definitely make sure to check all the images, blogs, and updates there!


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  1. What a great post! I especially love seeing the photos of your grandparents and hearing about their histories!

    Thank you for the wonderful photos and feature! It is so much fun to see everyone’s displays again!

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