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Kananaskis hiking engagement photo by one-edition.ca © 2016 Liz. All rights reserved.

Canadian Rockies Engagement Photographer | A Kananaskis Hiking Engagement Session

Peter and Allison: We want to go to Kananaskis hiking for our engagement session. Me and Raf: Let’s go! Peter and Allison are this wonderfully adventurous couple who wanted to do a hike as part of their engagement session. Since we <3 hiking, … Continue reading

A hiking elopement in Kananaskis. Photo by one-edition.ca. © 2015 Liz. All rights reserved.

Kananaskis Wedding Photographer | A Beautiful Hiking Elopement in Kananaskis

Tim and Grace, and their hiking elopement in Kananaskis, will always be special to us. They’re the sweetest couple, and they’re at the heart of one Raf’s and my favourite photos. (We don’t have favourite couples – we love them all! … Continue reading

Kananaskis Engagement Photography by one-edition.ca © 2015 Liz. All rights reserved.

Kananaskis Engagement Photographer | Alison & Kevin’s Beautiful Kananaskis Engagement Photo Session

Today we have a special treat for you! Not only do we have Alison and Kevin’s gorgeous Kananaskis engagement photo session, but also some behind-the-scenes shots of… drumroll please… Raf in a tree! If we’re Facebook buddies you might have … Continue reading

One Edition | Kananaskis Engagement © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Kananaskis Wedding Photographer | An Engagement Sneak Peek

Kelly & Michel invited Raf to photograph their engagement session in Kananaskis country. And oh do we love it in K-country – so beautiful, the trees, the mountainscapes, and the overall magificence of the area. One of our fav areas … Continue reading